Ch. Benden World's Collide At MPG SH  MX WCX VCX


DOB - 8/9/2000     female

Sire - Ch Goodtime's Best Case Scenario OS
Dam - GMHR Benden's Power To Please MPG CDX MH NA NAJ WCX OD
PennHIP - .52/.48    OFA Hip - GR76760G24F-PI
Cardiac Exam - Clear May 02    OFA Elbow - GR-EL6365F24-PI  Eye Exam -
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As a breeder, I am very proud of Bang.  I will give a rough recap of her career, but will need to get more precise information from Sally Sheridan, her owner/trainer and co-breeder.  Bang is a 4th generation Benden dog, which started with a bitch I leased from Jackie Mertens in 1981, which produced my "Spice" litter from my first breed champion, Ch Jungoldl-Klassic U R The One CDX WC.

Conformation:  Bang was shown a few times as a young dog.  She did place in the Novice Class at the National Specialty.  She returned to the breed ring after completing her SH at the age of 4.  Sally put a few points on her, then she was handled by Doug Carlson and finished with 3 majors, one under breeder/judge Connie Gerstner,  and a group 3 along the way.  She is a very fun dog to show.  She has a spectacular open side gait and is clean coming and going.  I would like her to have a better upper arm return, but her musculature and attachments let her use everything she has. She has a beautiful topline, which she holds very well on the move.  She has a tight and correct water repellent coat. She has a pleasing head but is a bit long in ear and I would like a bit more stop.  She certainly doesn't have her father's head, but he made good improvements on what we came from. 

Field:  I will definitely need to get more info from Sally on her field.  She was sent to Brian Hartfield of Webshire Kennel in Wiconsin for her field work.  Brian does a great job.  He trains Goldens like Goldens and not like labradors.  His wife, Lisa and I co-own some dogs and we are all striving for the same thing.  Bang finished her SH, and it was discussed pushing her for her MH.  She could have obtained it, but it would have been a bit of a stretch for her, so we decided be happy with her SH. 

Agility:  Bang started her agiity after finishing her breed championship.  I wil definitely need Sally for more information here. She has completed her MACH July 2008.    She also qualified for thr AKC National Agility Championship in 2008.

Obedience:  Well, she is making great progress and polishing heeling right now.  She could be shown in Novice anytime.  Just depends on what scores she wants.  In run throughs right now she is getting low '90's. She has beautiful attention, but needs a bit of polish on changes of pace and have to work on getting her butt in on sits.  It is great watching her heel.  She has beautifully fluid movement with great attention.  She is built correctly so doesn't have to move like a "hackney" horse to heel.  That type of movement puts entirely too much pressure on the spine, neck and shoulders.   Just to clarify,  Sally does all of her obedience training.  I am only the watchful eyes that assist in  the polishing. 

I was fortunate to get to show Bang at the National Specialty in the BOB class as Ch MACH Benden's World's Collide at MPG CD MX (and a few other titles not sure about). I appreciate Sally, her owner,  and Karen Titterington (Bang's taxi ride to RI) making it possible to get her there.    In the pouring rain she never missed a step and we had  a great time.  She made the first cut in the BOB class.  I was thrilled to get to show her there. 

For those wondering about potential litters from Bang.  We made one major error.  She had one speck on a lens, which was questinable, so we did not breed her.  However after finishing her Ch, with her SH already, we chose to breed her.  Unfortunately her ovaries/uterus were quite cystic at that time and we did not get puppies and never will....... Seems like a big waste for a dog of her accomplishment, with a speck that has never changed in 4 years and all other clearances.